• iGarten program: 3-6 year old students
  • April program: 7-14 year old students
  • 4.0 program: 15-18 year old students
APAX English is comprised of multiple programs. We take pride in delivering effective and engaging lessons to students of various age groups and skill levels. With lesson plans prearranged and programmed into a smartboard, teachers can instead focus on meeting the individual needs of their students.
Why Choose APAX?
  • Competitive salary for 18 teaching hours and 2 days off per week
  • Full support from application through contract completion, including the work permit and residency card process
  • Fun and innovative teaching methods
APAX English's unique approach encourages creativity and expression. The students learn primarily through games, activities and projects. Beyond what is a fun work environment, APAX strives to provide a positive personal experience in addition to professional development.
Learn More!
The links above allow you to live vicariously through our teachers both inside and outside of the classroom. On the links elsewhere on this website, click around to learn more about the Vietnamese experience. After doing so, we are confident you will consider applying, which is why we have linked you to apply now. If you are still feeling reluctant, we encourage you to send your application our way so that we can at least set up a time to have a preliminary chat.