Yes, APAX will help you with obtaining a work permit and a residency card. The process is actually quite simple. Make sure that you set up an appointment with your embassy, in Vietnam, to get your degree and TEFL notarized. Make sure that you bring your original documents and a criminal background check. On your first day of training we will assist you with getting a health check.

One of the pillars of APAX is creative learning. Within the program we strive to create a natural learning environment. In the public schools of Vietnam, class sizes can exceed 50-60 per class. As such, there is little opportunity to share ideas, create new dialogue, or brainstorm ideas. APAX students are encouraged to participate actively in class. This is achieved through activities, games, the use of smart boards and CTPs.

CTP, or Creative Thinking Project, is a chance for students to apply the language and vocabulary learned in previous lessons. Students develop skills that go beyond the basic learning methods at typical language centers. Critical and imaginative thinking are necessary to the APAX experience for students and teachers alike. Guided by their teacher, students gain confidence while having plenty of fun.

CTP will eventually result in a video recording of different scenes, songs, speeches or even debates. This is where students can really show of their new acquired skills.

The APAX curriculum is completely developed. This means that all lessons are already set out and are within your smart board. Our entire curriculum comes fully designed and implemented, right down to a recommended methodology for each section. That said, class quality expectations are established, and meeting these high standards takes some strategizing and forethought.

Before you start teaching, APAX will set up a 5-day training session. Within these 5 days you will learn all about the methodology, student management, administrative tasks and CTP’s. At the end of these 5 days, you will be completely prepared to teach at one of the APAX centers.

Your first 9.000.000 VND is not taxable; wages earned thereafter are taxed at a progressive rate. Prior to receiving your work permit, the government imposes a flat rate of 20% for an employee considered to be a nonresident (remember that APAX will help you register for your work permit). It can take up to 30 days to process. Once you have it, you will pay an income tax rate of about 10-13%.

First and foremost, certain requirements must be met for the purposes of lawful employment. This means that the candidate has a four year BA degree (or higher) and a teaching certificate (TEFL / CELTA or equivalent), and can pass a background check and health check.

A candidate must be a native English speaker. Thereafter, APAX has many different personalities employed. Being energetic, flexible, and eager to work with kids are characteristics at the top of the list. However, we are always thrilled to have teachers that bring their own personal traits to the center.

You can apply directly through this website. You are encouraged to apply at any time, so do not hesitate to make contact. Keep in mind that the hiring process will start 3 months prior to your availability.

There are multiple options when it comes to housing. To start, we recommend using an internet search engine, or Facebook groups such as Hanoi Massive and Saigon Expats. After completing your training, APAX will assist you in finding appropriate housing. Within certain cities there is the possibility of APAX Housing and in others you will be given a housing allowance. This can be discussed further in interview.

APAX teachers work 18 teaching hours per week. Monday is an off day for all teachers. Throughout the week, you will be teaching in the evening, whereas classes are offered in the morning, afternoon and evenings on weekends.

Outside of the 18 teaching hours there will be administrative duties that you are expected to complete in a timely fashion.

APAX English is located throughout many provinces of Vietnam. You will have the opportunity to experience many different places during your tenure with APAX.

Over the past few years, Vietnam has grown into a new frontier for EFL teaching. The country offers a low cost of living coupled with a rich culture and long list of breathtaking travel destinations. Vietnam is one of the quickest growing GDPs of Asia.Your competitive salary with APAX will allow you to both save and travel.

APAX is a leader in English education in Vietnam. Our competitive salary and schedule will afford you the free time to enjoy this new experience. APAX takes pride in offering its teachers an enjoyable personal and professional experience.

APAX has a vast and close-knit network of teachers and staff, which offers a support system that no other school can provide.