Vietnam does not have a national health insurance plan. APAX will split the cost of your insurance once you have your work permit and residency card. It is recommended to pick up travel insurance for the first month in Vietnam.

Emergency Contacts

115 – Ambulance
114 – Fire
113 – Police
112 – Search & Rescue

Renting is easy and affordable in Vietnam.

Most expats in Vietnam rent either a small one bedroom, a studio apartment or share a home with 3-6 other people. Although living in a shared home is a cheaper alternative, most teachers opt for a private dwelling. Most rentals also require a few months’ deposit.

Keep in mind that most apartments are furnished but some are not. Keep this in mind when looking at the cost of rent.

The following databases can be used to find housing:

Expats in Ho Chi Minh City

Hanoi Massive

Vietnam Craigslist

Wifi is prevalent in both major cities. The vast majority of cafes have Wifi available. It is strongly advisable to purchase a SIM card at any electronics store or at the airport. Monthly prepaid plans are also available.

3G and 4G providers are available in Vietnam. The two biggest data and phone providers in the country are MobiFone and Viettel.