Vietnam is a rush. From the markets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter to the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City, from the spectacular valleys of Sa Pa to the floating commerce of the Mekong Delta, time invested in this thrilling country will yield immeasurable returns. Vietnam is a backpacker’s dream for many, but with so much on offer it begs for an extended stay. That’s why so many travelers have turned to teaching to make the most of their time in this remarkable country.

Vietnam is one of the fastest developing countries in Southeast Asia, and ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching is a rapidly growing industry. APAX is the fastest growing English education company in the country, employing over 140 teachers and serving over a [rounded enrollment figure] students. APAX teachers enjoy competitive salaries and hours, first-rate facilities, and a vast network of support from trained, native English-speaking administrators and fellow teachers.

Teach in Vietnam provides all the information you’ll need to start your thrilling new adventure with APAX and Vietnam, so sort out what you’ll need to settle in, figure out what you plan to take in, and set out by sending in your application to APAX English today.