Those who leave the comforts of home to teach in another country must be thirsting for the thrill of adventure. If you're teaching in Vietnam, what excites you isn't the stability of a nine-to-five and a savory retirement plan, but the opportunity to dive deep into the sights and sounds and cultures of a foreign land. You will want to get away, take in the beaches of Nha Trang and the famous spring rolls of Hue. Vietnam is well connected by plane and rail, and travelers with time and a basic income enjoy a seemingly endless list of breathtaking destinations.

The icons above offer valuable travel advice for the expat teacher to make the most of their time in Vietnam. Check out what to see and do in both major cities, and brush up on Vietnam's other attractions, from the world famous to the hidden local treasures. When the time comes for you to broaden your borders or just get a fresh set of dates on your passport Visa, check out the Visa Run for some other hotspots in Southeast Asia begging for an international visit.