What to pack

Anyone moving to a new and unfamiliar country would be apprehensive about not forgetting anything important. Here is a helpful list of things any prospective resident of Vietnam should remember.

-At least three work-appropriate outfits.

-Light, summer clothing for the hot weather (hotter days can push 40 degrees celsius).

-For Hanoi, warm clothing for the winter season (temperatures typically drop to around 10 degrees celsius during the daytime).

-A high-SPF sunblock.

-Sunglasses or a brimmed hat.

-A good raincoat and waterproof shoes/boots.

-Appropriate voltage and outlet converters (please refer to the following website for more information).

-An ample supply of any preferred cosmetics or toiletries. A quick search on www.lazada.vn , one of the country’s larger online retailers, can let you know if the product is available in Vietnam.

-Indigestion medication such as Pepto Bismol or Imodium. A quick diet change may have some effects and these brands are not readily available in Vietnam.